Forex Broker Scam – Plus 500 is a Scam Broker.

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Broker NamePlus 500
Regulation AuthorityUnsatisfactory Response
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Complainant's NameConnor Greer
Contact Number-
E-mail Address -
Complain Date December 30, 2016
Broker's Response Unsatisfactory Response
Complain Status Not Solved
Complainant's Claim Amount-

Forex Broker Scam – Plus 500 is a Scam Broker.

I quite like Plus 500, though last night there software went massively haywire on me, where the Trade Bar dissapeared, the prices on the instrument frose, and the ticker carried on.

I emailed them the screenshots, ONLY to be told that its MY responisiblity to close the trade. My trade ISNT even on the screen for me to close it? I ended up losing £150 after i managed to close it, and this had a £33 profit.

SORRY, but look at the screenshot and tell me if i am wrong or not.

As a result, i lost £150, and the potentail trades i could have done would have earnt me £510 on top of the £33 my “Closeable” ttade would have made. Though it is MY Fault? thats according to the Helpdesk Rep.

I will be speaking with someone who knows the law, as this could be classed as lost earnings, both the £33 and the £510.

Plus 500, someone PLEASE sort this out. This is your fault not mine.


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