Forex Broker Scam- UFX Broker Is a Scammer.

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Broker NameUFX
Regulation AuthorityUnsatisfactory Response
Complainant's NameKEN
Contact Number-
E-mail Address -
Complain Date November 2, 2016
Broker's Response Unsatisfactory Response
Complain Status Not Solved
Complainant's Claim Amount-

Forex Broker Scam- UFX Broker Is a Scammer.

I have been trading with UFX since May 2016 and have personally lost in excess of $700,000.00 together with many hundred thousand dollar profits which I believe was transacted on a training platform with my funds going straight into the accounts of UFX. The VIP manager cleaned out my currency account (approx $40,000), my self managed super fund of (approx $400,000.00), my excess trades in my stock account of (approx $80,000.00) and five credit cards of (approx $120,000.00.)

Now that I am completely broke and owe in excess of $400,000 and paying up to 20% interest on my credit card debt I do not receive the five to six daily phone calls enticing me to place funds into my UFX account promising huge profits.

I am retired and I live on a small superannuation payment. There is no way I will ever recover from my dealings with

The above mentioned funds have taken a lifetime to accumulate and in the end lost as a result of very calculated losing trades, in approx. 3 hours, I was told to instigate by my UFX VIP trading manager. One trade alone was closed by UFX at a loss of $550,000.00. I am now trying to calculate my total losses.

I do not ever expect to recover my losses as my enquiries have revealed to me that UFX is a criminal/government organisation set up in Israel to finance espionage operations through out the world.

I implore any person in the process of trading with UFX or thinking of trading with UFX to close their accounts immediately> Just to attempt to close your account will highlight to you the unsavoury nature of the personnel employed at UFX.

Please do not trust any person who is linked to this group of companies.

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